FAQ on Ksharsutra

1) I have gone multiple surgeries of fistula,can it be curable with Ksharsutra?

Answer: Yes , most of incurable cases are treated successfully at our Hospital.


2) How much time it takes to cure completely?

Answer:  Piles takes 10-15 days ,fissure takes 5 days and fistula takes 4-5 months.

3) Will i have to admit in Hospital?

Answer: No , most cases will go back home same day . Complicated patients kept for 1 night. Next day they are discharged.

4) How many times i have to come for dressings?

Answers: Piles after every 5 days (minimum 4 )

Fistula after every 7 days for 4-5 months.

5) What would be treatment cost with Ksharsutra?

Answer: Very less as compared to other surgery of ano rectal conditions.

6) Do you need MRI for ksharsutra treatment of fistula?

Answer: Usually their is no need of MRI. 

7) I have got pilonidal sinus surgery done but no relief. Can it be cured by Ksharsutra?

Answer: Yes